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John A. Carollo

John A. Carollo

John was born in Torino, Italy in 1954 and brought to the U.S. by his adoptive parents.  When he was in grade school, he studied classical piano and sang in the church choir. 


He attended college at SDSU, studying music and psychology.  During this time, John took piano lessons and began composing his first piano works. He graduated with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.


The composer then began a full-time mental health career for the State of Hawaii and started private composition lessons with Dr. Robert Wehrman.  His first composition under Bob's tutelage was a piano suite in six parts.  Following this effort, Robert encouraged John to compose an atonal work in 1998 entitled Frenetic Unfoldings for Solo Violin.  After completing this large work, the composer focused his energies on solo works and music with various instrumentations


John quit his public servant job to compose full-time in 2006.  He also writes poetry and collects art, including the books and ephemera of Edward Gorey, a lifetime hobby.

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